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Why buy a single seat egg chair?

November 1, 2017

Single seat egg chair is made of glass fiber reinforced plastic inner billet, the outer layer is wool flannel or Italian leather, the size of the seat cushion and backrest conforms to the human body structure, there is a shaped sponge inside, which increases the elasticity and is resistant to deformation. The entire chair is covered with elastic sponge under the cloth or leather, which not only has a smooth appearance and is more elastic, but also makes sitting more comfortable. Four-star shiny aluminum feet, egg chair can rotate 360 ​​degrees (with tilt function). Both the aluminum alloy feet and the stainless steel feet must achieve a mirror effect, which shines brightly. With the well-designed chair and armrests, the two sides are symmetrically corresponding, and the pedals are more humanized.

The egg chair looks strange, it seems to come from another dimension or another time. It can be said that it looks like a futuristic and a bit like an alien, but you can only observe its static. Xuanzhi understands people's beauty and how to make people feel comfortable through furniture. The egg chair has a strange shape, but it is also very ergonomic and soft, especially leather. The leather egg chair and the fabric egg chair of Xuanzhi Furniture are of the same quality except for the price.

The manufacturing process of the egg pod chair will incur a lot of costs. Therefore, the special structure and materials required to make these chairs increase the manufacturing cost and thus the price. The high-end interior is high-grade leather hand-stitched using woven flat seam technology, the base is polished aluminum, the outer shell is made of zigzag real glass fiber, and is covered with PU injected foam and synthetic polyester yarn.

The 42-inch loveseat egg chair is one of the highest designer chairs that can be used in the lounge. However, the egg chair will be relatively thinner. Considering this, many people will ask why you should buy an egg chair. Is n’t this too exaggerated for a medieval living room? Furniture in the middle of this century will transcend the boundaries of design and structure without losing the aesthetic focus or functionality. This chair is very suitable for any living room, it will not recline, but will hug you in luxury and comfort, making you hardly want to get up.
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