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The Modern Classic Design Chair of Hingis Furniture

November 1, 2017

Furniture design is both an art and an applied science. It mainly includes three aspects: modeling design, structural design and process design. The whole process of design includes collecting data, conceiving, drawing sketches, evaluation, samples, re-evaluation, and drawing production drawings. In today's economic globalization and the rapid development of science and technology, fundamental changes have taken place in the subjective form of society, especially the widespread and high-speed dissemination of information, and open concepts that impact social structure, values and aesthetic concepts. Faced with all these designs Whether the teacher can adapt to it and use it to make the design a product of a specific era has become an important task for today's designers.
A modern classic design chair must have the following characteristics. The first is that the ratio between the back of the chair and the body of the chair should be appropriate, in accordance with the principle of ergonomics. When a person sits on it, the spine can fit the curve of the chair body well. It is the chair that adapts to the person, not the person. Adapt to the chair. The second is that the covered textile or leather surface should be carefully matched to match the chair frame. A good chair is far from being a chair, but an exquisite work of art. The perfect combination of technology and aesthetics can reach an amazing degree. The third is to have a good design. The design of a good chair can highlight the unique artistic charm. Using the principles of ergonomics, the creative use of new materials and new techniques makes the shape of the chair more changeable, the structure of each part is more reasonable, and the wood, glass, plastic, leather, and textile are cleverly matched.

 It is with these characteristics that the chair Hingis Furniture designed has attracted a large number of customers at home and abroad, and has been recognized and loved by many customers.
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