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The maintenance of loveseat leather sofa

November 1, 2017

Although loveseat leather sofa is hot in summer and cold in winter, it is more complicated than fabric seats. However, many friends still regard loveseat leather sofa as an important configuration when choosing a car, but as we just mentioned Yes, in the face of daily use, sun exposure, and dust hidden in the gaps, the maintenance and cleaning of loveseat leather sofas has become a big problem. Today, let's talk about the maintenance and cleaning of loveseat leather sofa.

Many friends think that loveseat leather sofa needs to be treated like a car paint surface, and it needs to regularly use maintenance products like car wax to maintain the leather surface, but in fact, the treated leather surface has anti-acid and alkali resistance, UV resistance and abrasion resistance. , Soft, tough, anti-wrinkle, not easy to ignite and other advantages. Therefore, under normal circumstances, we do not need to perform special maintenance on the cortical surface. However, we need to pay attention to the fact that because the seat is often in contact with our skin, it will be stained with a lot of grease after long-term use. In order to keep the leather shiny, it must be cleaned regularly. It is best to wipe the seat with a semi-dry wet towel. Dry the surface of the chair with natural wind.

When the surface of loveseat leather sofa is covered with stains, we can use a cleaner that specializes in cleaning leather stains. But here we need to remind everyone, do not use washing powder or detergent to clean the dirt on the surface of loveseat leather sofa, because Contains alkaline ingredients, after long-term use, the surface of loveseat leather sofa may lose its luster.

In addition to proper maintenance, we should pay special attention to the following points when using loveseat leather sofa daily:

First of all, many friends will ignore the dust hidden in the seat gap, thinking that it will only affect the beauty or cleanliness, but what is unknown is that when the dust accumulates to a certain level, they may affect the breathability of the leather. It is best to use a dry towel to "dust" the surface of the leather. If possible, it would be better to use a vacuum cleaner.

Secondly, during use, we should pay attention to the sharp objects on the seats, especially the hairpins that girls often use. When we are inattentive, the sharp objects are pierced into the leather and it is very troublesome to repair.

Finally, after some friends use a wet towel to wipe the surface of the leather seat, they will use a hair dryer to dry the surface water stains, but this method will damage the leather and even dry and crack. The best way is to open the car Just use natural wind to dry the window.

Another point is that loveseat leather sofa is most afraid of strong light exposure. Long-term exposure may cause the leather surface to fade. Therefore, it is best for friends to choose a shade or underground parking inventory when parking in summer, and buy sun visors to block them. The sun can also effectively prevent the leather from being refracted by strong light and causing fading.
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