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Maintenance method of outdoor leisure chair

November 1, 2017

      The more developed the city, the more leisure chairs. Leisure chair is a product for pedestrians and passers-by to rest. In modern society, leisure chairs appear in a wide range of streets, communities, parks, and squares. They are also a symbol of urban development, and they are also a symbol of people's better and better living standards.

       However, the number of leisure chairs is increasing, but many purchasers and related staff have a lack of knowledge of outdoor leisure chair maintenance. If a leisure chair masters the correct maintenance knowledge, it will not only make the leisure chair look like new for a long time, but also extend its service life. Although outdoor leisure chairs have anti-corrosion and anti-rust functions, these functions are not innate. If we want them to perform for a long time, we must rely on our own maintenance. In the process of using leisure chair, the requirements for considering the environment are relatively high. Different leisure chairs have different maintenance methods, so the author briefly analyzes the maintenance knowledge and maintenance precautions of outdoor leisure chairs.

       Wooden leisure chair. The wooden leisure chair is required to maintain a certain temperature and relative humidity during use. For the newly bought leisure chair, it is recommended that you should maintain a certain amount of ventilation. In addition, the leisure chair in the room should be protected from direct sunlight, so as to avoid discoloration of the surface of the furniture or cracking and deformation of the furniture. If air conditioning is used indoors, the relative humidity in the room should be kept at about 60%.

       If possible, plant some flowers and plants or ornamental fish indoors to appropriately increase the indoor humidity. During the use of the wooden leisure chair, we should consider regular maintenance of the surface paint film coating of the leisure chair. It can protect the surface of the furniture. We should regularly polish and clean the paint film on the furniture surface. First use a damp and soft towel to wipe off the dust and dirt on the surface of the furniture. After the surface of the furniture is slightly dry, gently wipe the surface of the furniture with furniture wax or liquid wax for polishing.

       Plastic leisure chair. Plastic leisure chair, detergent is essential. When using chairs at home, we often pass oil stains onto the chair. If it is a plastic chair, it is not easy to remove the oil stains with clean water. We should use detergent to clean it up, and then clean it with clean water. This effect is better.

        Rattan leisure chair. For leisure chairs made of rattan, water and detergent are good cleaning supplies. Because the material of the rattan is more comfortable, and the quality of the rattan is not very large, the rope is easier to withstand its quality, and its life span will be longer, so when cleaning the chair, we should use water and detergent, and dry it after cleaning , And for the parts that cannot be cleaned, we should use paint to oil them. Remember not to remove the upper part, because the uneven material on the upper part may cause accidents. As for the metal part, vacuum cleaner and suck it out. Dust, wipe it with a dry cloth.
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