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Know the kind of office pu sofa that suits your office

November 1, 2017

Office  pu sofa have also become a mainstream trend. How to choose  pu sofos and what kind of  pu sofos are suitable for the office environment, I will explain the meaning for everyone today:

   Best Furniture Manufacturing- pu sofa The shape includes its shape, structure, style, line, color, texture, etc. These integrated furniture designs incorporate modern aesthetic art. It embodies the beauty of modern office  pu sofo style, which not only achieves pleasing visual effects, but also improves work efficiency.

   Best coffee-colored office  pu sofos are filled with enthusiasm and help relieve the tension and fatigue of first-time visitors. The movable pillow is ready to provide a comfortable lean at any time, and the rotatable chassis presents a 360-degree view of all directions, bringing you the enjoyment of being at home.

  Of course, we know how to choose a  pu sofo to match the office, and we must also know the taboos of office  pu sofos:

  ① Don't ignore style. Compared with the basic decoration of the home, the  pu sofo not only uses functions, but also plays a role in setting off the environment. Therefore, the style and color of the  pu sofo must be unified with the main color of home decoration and decoration.

  ②Do not consider the size. When choosing a  pu sofo on the market, you will find that there are many sizes of  pu sofos, there are thousands of different, so there will be such a situation, the  pu sofo bought back is too big, the living room becomes crowded, the size of the  pu sofo is small, and the overall space The proportion is out of balance. Therefore, when choosing a  pu sofo, you should first understand the area of ​​your living room or bedroom, and then choose a suitable  pu sofo.

  ③Don't ignore the living habits of family members.

  ④Never not consider the depth of the  pu sofo. The common size of  pu sofo depth on the market is 95 cm, this depth is suitable for people under 1.7 meters in height. Those who are taller than 1.7 meters should choose a  pu sofo with a depth of 105 cm, which can completely relieve the tension on the back.

  ⑤ Do not consider the bearing capacity of the  pu sofo. To choose a durable  pu sofo, we must first see whether the frame of the  pu sofo is durable and not easily deformed.

  ⑥ Do not consider the resilience of the  pu sofo. Traditional  pu sofo frames generally only use serpentine springs. Such  pu sofos are prone to deformation and collapse after a period of use, which affects the beauty and use of the  pu sofo.  pu sofos with better resilience generally adopt a combination of serpentine springs and bandages, so that the firmness and resilience of the  pu sofo will be doubled, even if your children jump around on the  pu sofo, the cushion will not easily deform.

  ⑦ Do not consider the comfort of the cushion.  pu sofos that are too hard or too soft are not suitable for normal sitting and lying on the human body, and will have a certain impact on the human spine.

  ⑧ Do not consider the wear resistance and cleanability of the  pu sofo. If there are elderly and children in the home, choose  pu sofo fabrics with good stain resistance and wear resistance. In addition to leather fabrics, suede and twill fabrics are the first choice. This material has a delicate feel similar to animal fur. It has a high density of warp and weft threads, wear resistance, and is not easy to deform
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