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How to place the High Quality Fabric Sofa in the living room

November 1, 2017

For the layout of the living room, it is a headache for many people who are decorating, especially the layout of the sofa. Today, I will give you an analysis of the sofa layout commonly used in the living room. According to the scene suitable for each layout, the user only needs to match.

1. The semi-enclosure of the High Quality Fabric Sofa

This is a further upgrade in the L-shaped layout, replacing the couch on the side with a set of independent sofas. In this way, the person sitting on the side sofa can communicate well with the person in the middle. Correspondingly, at this time, the living room TV's dominance in the living room will also decline, but it only plays a decorative role, and people who design such a living room can exchange feelings better.

2. High Quality Fabric Sofa

Add one or two sets of independent sofas on the basis of the semi-enclosed layout or L-shaped layout. All the sofas are arranged in a "U" shape. That is, the enclosed layout is the same as the one-line layout. The enclosed layout will also give people a strong psychological hint- — The status of people sitting on the main sofa will be very high. This layout originally came from the office, but the communication of this layout is more meaningful.

3. High quality Fabric Sofa's pendulum type

It is not common to put two sofas facing each other, but in fact it is a good way to put them, especially for the living room of more and more people who don’t like watching TV. Relatively placed in a space with conversation as the main function, the sense of orientation is strong. And living rooms with different sizes can be used to change the size of the sofa.

4. Corner type layout

It is composed of 4 people sitting on the corner and 2 single people sitting, or 4 people sitting on the corner plus a 2 people sitting on the sofa. The 4 people sitting on the sofa provides more meeting time for the living room. It is combined with two single sofas or a double sofa to form a separate reception area. It can be used for more than 6 people to talk together. The single couch of the corner sofa can also be used to relax on the sofa.
High Quality Fabric Sofa
No one has stipulated what the living room must look like, so we can also arbitrarily lay out according to the ideas in our hearts. Arbitrarily placing several kinds of seats is a freely variable layout at any time. High Quality Fabric Sofa has strong layout flexibility, you need to watch TV and watch TV, you need to face to face. At the same time, it will make people feel more relaxed, and the atmosphere of the whole room will become softer. Suitable for young people who pursue individuality, or users with children at home.
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