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How to find the right living room sofa layout for your house

November 1, 2017

Just as you choose a living room sofa that suits your aesthetic style, it is equally important to figure out how to put it into your living room layout before buying. If you like to hold regular movie nights with friends, then you may want a large Chesterfield to get comfortable seating. If you like to let people come over for cocktails and chat, you can choose a modern face-to-face velvet sofa.

Small space
In a small living room, placing a seat of the right size in the right place is critical to the flow of space. This layout is our ideal perfect little paradise idea. A comfortable sofa should be the main force of this small room. It is an ideal place for a person to relax, relax and watch their favorite shows and movies at night.

If your living space is your place for leisure and occasional visits with friends, consider using a sofa bed that can do double work. The two-seater sofa can accommodate two people, and there are a variety of styles for you to choose from, from a compact tight style to a more polished velvet bench, any two or three seats no longer than 75 inches.

Hold an intimate party
Having a small living room does not mean that entertainment is impossible. With the right size seats in the right place, you can easily add accented chairs and coffee tables to create a small gathering place. Chesterfield's small proportion is a beautiful investment product that is both comfortable and beautiful. It immediately comforts the small room, it feels like an elevated living room, and can also be perfectly matched with other upholstered accent chairs and wooden tables.

Big space
If you like to have a place to communicate, please consider combining two opposing sofas, which is perfect for daily relaxation. You can immediately become a leisure area, spend happy hours, or relax after a formal dinner. 

If you are all pursuing a simple and bright appearance, you can dress up and down comfortably on any occasion. The sofa design with cover is your best choice. A pair placed in this way also looks relaxed and purposeful. In addition, you do not have to worry about keeping them clean, because you can throw the sofa cover into the washing machine after entertainment.

If you want a space where you can do everything, you can allocate your space with a back-to-back sofa. Each area can perform different functions: one side can have an armchair for people to gather, while the other side can be an area for daily family rest and watching TV. Durable, deep seat that can be used simultaneously in two areas and visually tie them together.
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Family friendly space
For an open living room that can accommodate adults and children, these flexible and family-friendly spaces emphasize leisure comfort. When it comes to the relaxed living space of a family home with children, the L-shaped sofa is the best choice. One way is to make two identical styles cohesive. Another option is to choose a combination of two and three seats. It can not only be used in large living rooms, but also very good for large families and entertainment. It can accommodate many people.

If you like a casual space suitable for parties, please consider introducing L-shaped or U-shaped cross-sections. It allows lounging, while leaving a lot of walking space everywhere, and can prevent the room from being too formal. As the core of the large living room, it is ideal for movie and game nights, but it is also sufficient for cocktail evenings.
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