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Have you caught these misunderstandings about purchasing office chairs?

November 1, 2017

For us, office chairs are not clothes or daily necessities. They can be replaced with new ones after a period of time. Some big-name chairs abroad have a warranty period of as long as 12 years. Even if we don't recommend buying a chair for decades, at least let an office chair accompany you long enough. Because of this, you must be cautious when choosing an office chair. The following are the 5 major misunderstandings of buying an office chair that we have summarized for everyone. Let you make a rational choice.
      1. The cheaper the better, without considering safety
Chinese people have always had the misunderstanding of "valuing face but not lining". This is also the reason why underwear and bedding are not valued. When buying a chair, many people think that buying a chair is not just sitting, plus using it in the office. It should be the fixed assets that the company allocates to employees. It's a bit of a loss to buy it yourself, and there is no need to buy expensive ones.

  2, the more expensive the better
   Corresponding to cheap pictures, is the mentality of many people "not for the best, but for the most expensive". Before buying an office chair, we need to consider why we choose an office chair, it is for health, not for show off. If you want to show off, you can buy a boss chair, because the boss doesn’t often sit in the chair anyway.

   And if you buy an office chair for your health, you need to consider whether it is good for your health. After all, each chair is not suitable for everyone. Your height, weight, and body shape may have different adaptability to office chairs. If others sit well, you may not sit well.

  3, superstition net cloth does not consider cost performance
   After some high-end office chairs choose mesh materials, mesh seats have become fashionable. But the mesh looks similar at a glance, but the quality varies greatly. The first grade is the American matrex mesh, its first-class elasticity and durability are reassuring; the second is Korean wintex mesh, this kind of mesh is a bit harder, and it is easy to appear loose for people with heavier weight. Phenomenon: The third category is the domestic nylon mesh cloth, but the squandering is gradually becoming fascinating, and it is indistinguishable by the naked eye. It can only be comprehensively referenced from the brand, price, and performance.

   If you choose a mid-to-low-end office chair of a few hundred dollars, it is recommended to choose carefully and try not to consider the mesh material.

  4, superstitious appearance vanity
   It can be said that consumers have misled businesses. In order to cater to consumers' excessive superstition of appearance, many mid- and low-end office chair vendors put the cost that should have been invested in other areas on the flashy appearance.

   For example, the chassis mentioned many times, consumers feel that the aluminum alloy material is high-grade, so that businesses have to cater to this trend; another example is mesh, in order to cater to consumers' demand for mesh material, merchants deserve to use inferior mesh.

   5. Be confused by the over-exaggerated function of the merchant
  In fact, the scientific and technological content of office chairs should be integrated into design and material. These should be low-key and intangible, rather than exaggerated and fancy functions. For example, some chairs are designed with double backs, and many mid- and low-end office chairs are also designed with double backs.

   But in fact, the backrest of the Embody office chair of HermanMiller, a famous brand of office chairs, is not only a double back, but also a bit narrow compared to the traditional backrest. But this narrowness is for unimpeded arm movement, improving comfort, allowing more air to enter the lungs, and replenishing vitality for the brain.

   Another problem is the seat explosion that we have repeatedly mentioned. Isn't this caused by the pursuit of control and adjustment in some office chairs?
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