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Buying skills and maintenance methods of leather office chairs

November 1, 2017

Boss chair selection skills, boss chairs are generally executive chairs and leather office chairs, and commonly used leather and mesh fabrics, so when buying, according to its characteristics to judge good or bad.

Buying boss chairs
The boss chair is divided into executive chair and modern chair. It has the advantages of strong air permeability, large tensile force, good resilience, and not easy to deform. It is generally suitable for the office of the president. The boss chair also has a modern chair with mesh surface, which is also ergonomic. Unlike the executive chair, it is simple in style and cheaper than the executive chair.

When choosing a boss chair, you should pay attention to the following points:
When buying a boss chair, you must first look at the softness of the chair, which can be moderately soft and hard. A chair that is too soft, although comfortable, is not conducive to long-term office work. At the time of purchase, the chair can be pressed down by hand to test it. A chair with elasticity is preferred.

                                      HC011 Single Seat Frost Chair
Chair height
The height of the boss chair can be adjusted best. Adjust the suitable height according to the height of each person. The height is suitable to fit. The legs are more comfortable and not easy to get tired.

The stability of the boss chair is directly linked to the details of the chair. Especially some modern chairs are mainly supported by the feet of the chair. It is important to deal with the problem of the chair after the festival. The structure of the high-quality chair is meticulous. When buying, you can try the following chairs in person and shake your body slightly to experience the stability of the chairs.

Boss chair maintenance method
1. Maintain with professional cleaners and dermal care fluid. Regular cleaning and maintenance, the chair has a longer service life. General boss chair cleaning is divided into two types: dry foam cleaning and deep cleaning. The specific cleaning should be based on different dirt and materials on the boss chair surface.

2. Deep cleaning methods. First remove the dust on the surface of the boss chair, then scrub the more stubborn dirt on the surface of the boss chair with a professional board brush and concentrated cleaning agent, then use a professional machine to perform a comprehensive second brush, and finally use a water suction machine to fully absorb the moisture.
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